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2021 Wisconsin Point Series Application

2021 Wisconsin Point Series Championship

We continue the Wisconsin Section Point Series Championship in 2021. The only requirement for the series is that each competitor must be a current member of USPSA. Wisconsin residency is not required to participate in the Point Series.

You may enter the Point Series anytime during the year; but only Point Series matches from the time of the paid entry forward will count.  Shooters may change divisions during the year with notification to the Point Series Coordinators., with Point series match points for the previous division forfeited, and only the new division matches from the time of the change notification forward counted.  Credits for the matches attended prior to the change in divisions for the prize drawings and for slots will still count.

The fee to join the Point Series is $25, which will be used toward the awards and prize drawing.  The date, time, and location of the Point Series party at the end of the season will be announced.  Checks should made out to WISCONSIN SECTION.

The Section shall count at least 60% of the matches during a given calendar year, rounded up to the nearest whole number, of the designated Point Series matches, which includes the WI Section match, to determine the Point Series final results; for 2021, 6 matches will count. Should one or more Point Series matches be cancelled by the participating club, the maximum number of matches that will be counted will be reduced so that at least 60%, rounded up to the nearest whole number, of the matches count.

Awards and nationals slots will be distributed according to the WI Section Point Series rules posted on the website.  With the continuing changes in the structure of the USPSA National Championships, please be sure to read the Point Series rules for an explanation of National Championship slot distributions.

Each participant will also be eligible for a random prize drawing.  This year the first prize will be a firearm (TBD).  Each participant will be entered once for entering the Point Series,  once for attending the end of season party, and once for each Point Series match attended, with the WI Section earning two entries. The prize drawing will be held at the awards banquet scheduled at the end of the season on 04 December, 2021 at a location TBD.


2021 Schedule:

May 9th…Augusta

May 15th…Winnequah

June 13th…Schultz’s

July 3rd…Fox Valley

July 18th…Colfax

July 24th… Ripon

August 8th…Northwoods

August 15th…Oconomowoc

September 18th & 19th…Wisconsin Section Championship, Augusta

September 26th…Holmen

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