Steel Challenge

Steel Challenge Stages


What is the Steel Challenge?:

The Steel Challenge as a match has a history which rivals USPSA’s own. In his column in the July 1986 Front Sight, then-USPSA president Dave Stanford wrote:

  • “While I usually do not report or comment on matches that are not USPSA/IPSC sanctioned, I think that there are two that warrant an exception to that policy. The first one is the Steel Challenge. The Steel Challenge is a steel match extraordinaire. It is a real professional undertaking. The SWPL puts on a real show every time.”

The match draws top shooters from a broad spectrum of shooting sports, including USPSA, IDPA, SASS, GSSF and others. The event generates international attention, accompanied by broad newspaper and television coverage, even in California.

The match is highly spectator-friendly and the competition is easy to understand – it is all about the speed. And by maintaining consistent challenges from year to year, the competition lends itself to the notion of setting – and breaking – speed records, which greatly adds to the excitement for shooters, spectators and media.

Steel shooting offers a port of entry to the shooting sports that is far less intimidating than practical shooting. Steel shooting provides an excellent starting place for young or beginning shooters. It also provides a soft way for those who have begun to suffer the problems associated with ageing a vehicle to remain involved in the shooting sports. All this provides an alternative for those who might otherwise be lost to shooting.

What is the Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA)?:

The Steel Challenge Shooting Association is the membership organization chartered to grow and extend “speed-steel” shooting competition at the club level. It is the vehicle by which we intend to spread the “gospel” of steel shooting. Our vision is to build the SCSA into a network of affiliate clubs and individual members much as USPSA is structured. We are already finding non-USPSA clubs that have been shooting steel matches without the benefit of a supporting organization or that are excited to begin doing so.

Why did USPSA buy the Steel Challenge?:

The decision to purchase the Steel Challenge was rooted in our firm belief that there is a tremendous opportunity for growth, not only for steel shooting but also for USPSA. We are also convinced that there is much to be learned from the people who built the success story that the match has been.Steel Challenge is more than a match. It is one of the strongest “brands” in the practical shooting sports. We believe that acquiring the Steel Challenge was a step towards USPSA’s strategic vision and tangibly strengthens the USPSA brand itself. By acquiring the Steel Challenge, we begin to position USPSA as the leader in practical shooting sports.

Why should I join the Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA)?:

A. Joining SCSA makes you a part of the fastest practical-shooting sport on the planet! By joining the SCSA, you’ll benefit from member-only services such as:

  • SCSA will soon offer a “ranking” system available only to SCSA members which will show scores (times) for individuals compared to steel shooters from all over the world both in aggregate and by stage.
  • SCSA members will receive Front Sight Magazine.
  • SCSA membership will allow access to SCSA upper tier matches that require membership of all competitors.